Technology has been improving exponentially since the 1960s.

This has created an increasingly uncertain world.

As a result, up to 40% of today's jobs are expected to be automated in the next 10 years.

Learning how to remember facts - only to regurgitate them during an assessment and forget them shortly thereafter - isn't enough to prepare today's youth for the brave new world ahead.

As Stephen Hawking said, "intelligence is the ability to adapt to change".

The one skill that will best prepare today's children for a complex and ambiguous future is adaptability.

- Critical Thinking -
- Decision Making -
- Collaboration -
- Resilience -
- Adaptability -

Since 2017, the Lemonade Stand program -originally a 2-day workshop - has been delivered to over 1,000 children across two countries and four cities.

It has challenged children by asking "what problem do you want to solve?", instead of 'what do you want to be when you grow up?'.

It has taught them how to identify problems, ideate solutions, build prototypes, market their ideas, run experiments, learn from failure, and pitch their ideas.

It has created many an entrepreneur and lateral thinker.

But entrepreneurial thinking can not only help today's youth better prepare for the future, but to create real impact in the world. 1,000 children is nowhere near enough. This is why we decided to take Lemonade Stand online, because there are over 1 billion children in the world who can benefit and lead more well-equipped and fulfilling lives today, but also well into adulthood.

Steve Glaveski


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