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Testimonial from Steve Brophy, Director of ICT and eLearning at Ivanhoe Grammar School

The background

Ivanhoe Grammar School is a multi-campus, co-educational school offering Early Learning to Year 12. In 2019, Ivanhoe opened up a brand new educational facility called University Campus, a year-long university-based learning experience, in an Australian-first initiative made possible through a partnership with La Trobe University. 

University Campus built upon a decade of innovativeYear 9 programs was developed to redefine the Year 9 experience to give students an early taste of university learning that challenge, inspires and prepares them for their Senior Years and the next stage of life.

A key pillar of the Inquiry program of the Year 9 experience is the Entrepreneurship Transdisciplinary Unit. This unit is designed to equip students with the toolsets and mindsets to be entrepreneurial. Dedicated to moving beyond "pretend", Ivanhoe partnered with corporate innovation accelerator, Collective Campus to bring online their award-winning student entrepreneurship program, Lemonade Stand.

"To succeed in this ever-changing world, students need to be able to think like entrepreneurs: resourceful, flexible, creative, and global."
Professor Yong Zhao


The platform equipped teachers with curriculum and pedagogical support to complement and supplement classroom practice as well as allowing students to drive their own learning. Video tutorials from real entrepreneurs coupled with step by step guides and frameworks help develop a huge range of entrepreneurial skills: 

  • Problem Identification
  • Ideation of possible solutions
  • Business ModelPlanning
  • Prototyping and experimentation
  • Customer acquisition
  • Pitching

Lemonade Stand Online helped address a myriad of challenges that our students face in our Entrepreneurship Transdisciplinary Unit:

  • Ambiguous problem statements
  • Not understanding the root cause of the problem
  • Fixation on one idea even in the face of insurmountable evidence that it doesn't work
  • Not challenging assumptions with testing and investigation
  • Building something nobody wants
  • Not narrowing their niche market
  • Lack of feedback from their niche market
  • This is a school project and we are playing pretend entrepreneurship.
  • Developing products or initiatives that don't have a unique value proposition.


Lemonade Stand Online allowed students to self direct their own learning but was also used to facilitate in-class discussion, thinking routines, and share explicit instruction. From the ProblemPrioritisation tool to the Leap of Faith Assumptions video, the Lemonade Stand platform raised the entrepreneurial thinking bar in the classroom by providing access to expert guidance and tutelage.


"Lemonade stand is the perfect tool for young adults to understand the concept of being an entrepreneur"
Joel (Year 10)


As well as facilitating student entrepreneurial development, the Lemonade Stand is a powerful professional development tool for teachers. Collective Campus, the creator of Lemonade Stand Online, is a corporate innovation accelerator and this expertise is shared all throughout the LemonadeStand platform. Teachers learn not only how to teach and develop young entrepreneurs but they also develop their own capacity to think with an entrepreneurial mindset.


The drive behind the Entrepreneurship program atYear 9 and the Lemonade Stand is to empower students to notice the world around them, take heed of challenges and problems and take inspired action to solve the problems. This is why Ivanhoe Grammar School partnered with CollectiveCampus to bring Lemonade Stand to an online platform. The world needs more people with an entrepreneurial mindset and a set of tools in which to take inspired action.


“To be a more innovative country we need to encourage an entrepreneurialmindset at every level of education – starting in schools, continuing in higherstudy and enduring throughout working lives.”
Australia’s Chief Scientist, Professor Ian Chub


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